Fishing with Amanda Lynn

Fish with Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is bringing new light to the common fishing show. 

Fishing in 2018 exploring her own hometown waterways right down to fishing in Florida with Italo Labignan for his series 'Here's the Catch', if you can't find Amanda Lynn in the bush, you will be seeing a lot of her on the water and if you want join up and go fishing, contact her. 

(Due to the sudden increase for invitations to fish there is now a media kit in place)

Amanda Lynn will be sharpening her skills with offshore fishing, river fishing, spear fishing alongside some of the best locations in the world for fun and value. 

Representing the fishing industry in a dynamic way that showcases her passion for fishing and the outdoors and Take Me Fishing Outreach Programs. 

Be sure to catch Amanda Lynn on Italo Labignan's NEW series premiering on the Sportsmen's Channel in 2018 - Here's the Catch.  November 6, 2018