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"Miss Amanda Lynn, I have been watching you and your adventures unravel before my eyes for the past few years and I want to tell you that what you have accomplished in a short amount of time is mind-blowing. Not only have you become success at what you do but also successful to what you give back. I have been in this industry for over 30 years and no one has risen to the top like yourself for positivity, dedication, manners, humbleness, jumping at the chance for mentorship, education and pushing our heritage of the lands in fast forward. The time you put into writing, speaking, and being involved with as much as you can, you can truly see the hard work you put in. What really caught my attention is that now, (even more incredible, aligned with the merger of a company you very well represent - Cabela's with Bass Pro) you have also merged your industries of fishing and hunting into one. You could not have timed that better and to see how you socially inspire others and the dynamics of your personality are contagious, it will be a front seat nail biter to see how this all plays out. The brands you have supporting you are definitely all in for a joyous ride of new ambitions and diverse attention. You can add this to your portfolio of recommendations." - Gordon, Northern Ontario   

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